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My Ever After Just Breathe Gown

First, I would like to thank Maggie for her wonderful pictures on They helped greatly in the creation of this gown.

This gown has under gone three phases. Phase one; my drastic attempt at salvaging a late edwardian gown's beading and putting it on to a sheer cotton overskirt. Phase two; the seperate chemise and gown. Phase three; what you see here. The sleeves are attached to the gown, all hand embroidered. The bodice has close to 400 freshwater pearls (not plastic but real pearls) and 50 or so crystal (man-made in a lab crystal, but not plastic) beads. The floral trim is from Ireland and is called a bobbin lace. The main materials for the gown are both silk. The overskirt is a silk net with small 3mm pearls and silver thread embroidery. The underksirt is silk dupoini.

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